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"The Helen Prize" is an international award celebrating the accomplishments of women in traditional as well as non-traditional jobs, in developing countries and industrialized nations. It respects and acknowledges the multitude of women who courageously contribute to making a difference in the world and improving life on this planet.

Dr. Akhtar Naraghi, a Montreal poet and writer, named this prize for Dr. Helen Caldicott, a fiery anti-nuclear activist and founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, (Nobel Peace Prize, 1985). Helen Caldicott's work became world-renowned through the Academy Award-winning documentary, "If You Love This Planet".

We are honored to announce Oh Shinnáh Fast Wolf, Moonfire's Native elder advisor and Deep Arrow's teacher, as the recipient of The International Helen Prize Humanitarian Award for 2001.

Oh Shinnáh Fast Wolf, currently a resident of Montana, is an Earth Warrior of the Shishindi People. Her formal education includes: BA in Music Theory, and MA in Voice, Denver University; BA in Clinical Psychology, MA and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, University of Chicago. She also holds an MA in Divinity, Interfaith School of Divinity in New York City.

Oh Shinnáh is an elder of deep wisdom and diversity who sees herself as a contradiction to fixed reality. Her teachings are those of peace and harmony, expanding reality, finding options in new thoughts, and bringing in-digenous wisdom to non-native people. She fought diligently to receive permission from her elders to take non-native people on the 9-day healing ceremony known as The Journey of the Waters. With the permission of her many teachers from North and South America and across the Great Sea, she has been in service to the Earth for over 30 years.

On September 30, 2001, surrounded by her family, colleagues, friends and students, Oh Shinnáh was awarded "The Helen Prize" at a Brunch in her honor held in New York City.

To learn more about Oh Shinnáh's life and work, read Profiles in Wisdom: Native Elders Speak About the Earth by Steven McFadden, Five Great Healers Speak Here by N.E. Gardener, Women Over 60 and other books. To attend one of her East Coast workshops or to join Oh Shinnáh and Deep Arrow in New Mexico and Colorado on The Journey of the Waters , call Deep Arrow Woman at Moonfire at 631-287-9000.

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